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Camping in Chanshal valley

Camping in chanshal valley

Camping in Chanshal Valley is just awesome with Manali deals that offer you a fabulous tour package of camping in the Chanshal Valley/Pass in Shimla. Shimla is a hill town high above the Sutlej once ruled an empire stretching from Afghanistan to Burma. Shimla and her pretty suburbs command attention to this day. The Chansal valley and twin villages of Dodra and Kwar have a unique history. The foundation of 92 km Rohru-Kwar road across the Chanshal Valley/Pass was established in the year of 2006. It took three whole years to get interlinked with Dodra-Kwar to the rest of Himachal Pradesh and gradually becomes a great hot spot destination for tourist attraction. You can enjoy the best hotels/resorts in the Chanshal valley during your trip to Shimla with camping in Chanshal valley and explore the beauty of a Chanshal pass with full of adventures and joy.

Location of Chanshal Valley: The Chanshal Valley interconnected with Dodra-Kwar and Rohru (Chirgaon) in the Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh. The valley is situated atop the Chanshal Peak having an altitude of 4,520 metres (14,830 ft) and that is why it is known as the highest peak in the Shimla region. It is almost a snow-covered valley throughout the year and that is why it is open only after some months of the year for sightseeing fun and adventure options. The valley remains open during the months of May to October and is covered with snow for the rest of the year. The Chanshal Pass is just 180 kms from the Shimla.

Attractions of camping in Chanshal Valley are as follows:

a) Sightseeing Destination: The Chanshal valley is very much beautiful with amazing mountain peak and valley on top named; Thalli (Indian plate to have meal). You can find the amazing picturesque of snow-covered mountain in Chanshal with a natural lake on the top of hill in the shape of Thalli and that is why it is popular with the name of Thalli Valley of Chanshal. This is an amazing picturesque of Chanshal that doubles the joy of camping in Chanshal.

b) Availability of Food/Drinks in Camping: It is very hard to find drinking water in Chanshal valley due to the cold weather all the time and if you look for a glass of water you will have only ice, but we are arranging the bottle of normal water in our camp so that you will have a fresh bottle for your drinking needs. We also arrange the food and daily needed amenities in our providing camp at an affordable price to fulfill your camping tour in a positive way.

Adventures in Chanshal Valley/Pass in a glance are described below:

a) Trekking in Chanshal Valley: The valley is covered with ice during the months of October to February and except these months you will find the ice all around in the valley and make this place a wonderful choice for hang out. You will get a very strong cool air in the afternoon around the valley which energize your body and mind and supports the trekking activity in the Chanshal Valley. In your trekking activity you ride on the top of the hill and along with your trekking activity you also find the natural valley on the top of the hill that is in shape of Thalli, also known as the Thalli valley of Chanshal Valley.

b) Fabulous Destination for Ski Sports: The Chanshal valley is also very popular as a Ski sports destination due to the presence of slopes are considered ideal for Skiing. There is a Ski resorts in this area to explain the skiing adventure in Chanshal Valley.

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