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Kuthar Fort 

Kuthar Fort is one of the oldest forts in the Solan region, dating back to 800 years ago. The fort is believed to have been constantly renovated and added to over the centuries, it's newest structure being only 80 years old. Spread over sprawling acres, the majestic fort is surrounded by lush greenery and the typical misty air of the Himachali region. Hike up a little and you'll see breathtaking views of the nature and hills around.


The fort is believe to contain fresh-water springs within its confines, a major draw for those looking for something off the beaten track on their holidays.

Nearby Places 

Located about 1.5 hours away from Shimla and about and hour away from Kasauli, you'll need to hire a cab or drive up yourself to this fort.

Nalagarh Palace

Nalagarh Fort was built under the reign of one such great Rajput ruler Raja Bikram Chand in 1421. This fort is situated at the foot of impressive Himalayas and it is surrounded by infinite patches of greenery.
Converted into a hotel, the fort gives you the fantasy of staying in a royal atmosphere with warm hearted people to serve you. This fort hotelis equipped with all amenities to give you a pleasurable and comfort stay. The location of this fort is matchless and so is its built structure. The fort has been converted into a Welcome Heritage Hotel and attracts a large number of tourists from far and nearby places.
The fort still maintains are heritage wall paintings and it has been re-fabricated to give glimpses of the royal princely effects of olden days. The fort has a well landscaped garden and fountains systems. To add to that they have maintained a quite atmosphere that makes it a good escape from city life.
The early rulers who ruled this place around 1815 were the Gorkhas. They were driven out by the British who ruled Nalagarh after then. After this, Nalagarh came under the rule of Hindus. In fact, the region had been under influence of Rajputs for a long time and it came under the Chandelas, Tomars, Rathore, Parmar, Pawar, Chauhan and Bais.

How To Reach

By Air: The nearest airport to Nalagarh is Chandigarh, about 58 km away. Chandigarh is well connected by air with Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Srinagar.
By Rail: Ghanauli is the nearest railway station, 14 km away. Ghanauli is well connected by rail route to other major cities including Delhi. There are a number of private local taxis running on the route to Nalagarh from Ghanauli.
By Road: The nearest biggest city to Nalagarh is Chandigarh. The various distances from Nalagarh city.
Chandigarh to Nalagarh  58 km .
Delhi to Nalagarh  294 km .
Kasauli to Nalagarh  57 km .
Solan to Nalagarh  67 km .
Shimla Manali to Nalagarh  74 km.

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