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Manikaran the holy village north east of bhunter(40 Kms) in parvati valley kullu himachal Pradesh .manikaran is famous for its hot springs ,temples and gurudewara(Manikaran Sahib).Manikaran attracts hindu and Sikhs as pilgrim tourist every year. In manikaran lots of hindu tampels like Vishnu, Lord Rama and Krishna.


Location : Himachal Pradesh .
Altitude : 800m. Discovered In : 920 A.D Attractions : Shivratri Festival .
Best Time To Visit : May to October.

Asper myth Lord shiva and parviti were roaming parvati lost one of her earring(mani). Lord shiva got engry and want to open his third eye . later shesha naag surrendered mani by when lord shiva performed tandava danceand . SheshaNag gave rise to a flow of boiling water till now the jeweal continued to be thrown up in water.Manikaran name is based on Mani+karan where parvati lost her ear mani. The water of the spring is also full of curative powers.

As per sikh,s the gurunanak dev ji came here in 1575 with bhai mardana and bhai bala .when their disciples felt hungry guru nanak dev ji send them to collect lunger (food) .usually people donate flour and vegetables there for sangat ,but no fire there to cook food ,then guru nanak dev ji put the rolled roti in to hot spring and the roti comes up and start floating . then guru nanak ji told to sangat that who donate in the name of god his drowned things come back and float.till now the three time langer( rise,vegitabels and dal) is cooked in hotspring water. The water is so hot that rice for the “langar” is cooked by putting it into a linen-bag and dipping it into the boiling water.

Now a big gurudwara is there named manikaran sahib,with more then sufficient rooms for pilgrims.langar seva is opend 24hours 365 days. Devotees can enjoy while bath in hot springs in gurudwara.
Tourist Attraction near Manikaran
In Manikaran tourist can went for raghunath ji temple ,jagannathi temple,Adi Bramha temple,Bijli Mahadev remple,Khir ganga trek, Malana village ,bishweshwar mahadev temple,triyugi narayan temple,Naggar castle ,prashar rishi temple and more..

Distances from Manikaran:
Kullu Airport Bhuntar: 37 km
Kullu: 45 km
Manali : 85 km