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Solan & Sirmour

  • Nalagarh is 55 Kms from Chandigarh on NH1.Situated on the valley of the Sirsa river and the meeting of the Punjab plains with the lowest foothills of the southern Himachal Pradesh @ 2000 ft.As you drive out of panchkula,away from the great plains,the spectacular Nalagarh fort.Nalagarh was capital of the erstwhile chandela Rajput kingdom of Hindur,was founded in 1100 CE by the same clan that built the famous Khajuraho temple in central India.Nalagarh will pull many options out of its royal hat for your entertainment.the fort Nalagarh is situated on a hillock,at the foot hills of Himalayas.one can trek or drive up to Ramgarh fort,21Km away,built in 1540 with 108 steps.Picnic at Nalagarh fort is the best option for delhi tourist even from Chandigarh,ludhina and jalandher.The Gambar River and Satluj barrage are brimming with fish,the ropar Boat club provide paddle and row boats,and the Gobind sagar is full to the brim with river waters trapped by Bhakra Nangal Dam. Around Nalagarh
    Yadavindra Garden,Pinjore(35 Kms)
    A mini zoo and gardens.
  • Nahan is in District Sirmour,71 kms North East of Ambala an 228 Kms from Delhi.Rolling Hills alive with verdure and bird song,fragment of the legendary kingdom of Sirmour.Folklore has it that treacherous 10th century Raja of Sairmour perished in a flood,talking the accursed erstwhile capital Rajbans with him.Capital of sirmour shifted to Kalsi,Hatkoti,Neri,Ritesh,Devthal then Nahan.of these Nahan the destination of having lasted as the capital over ceveral centuries.Nahan is a luxurious palace,stately homes and preety gardens had something to do with it.Nahan s the palace you may not want to leave either.you can spend tranquil hours among wooded hills,Ancient shrines,an old fort bristling with historic import and ancient skills. Pilgrims can progress to hindu, sikh, and buddiest shrines in renuka ji,Ponta sahib and Trilokpur.one can do trekking,fishing and bird watching in Nahan to Asan Barrage all within easy driving distance. Jaitak fort is also a tourist attraction of Nahan.it was built by Sirmour Kings later reconstructed by Ranzor Thapa who fought with British’s in 1810.In nahan one can see Nahan War memorial at Pucca Tank in memories of European who died here during war with Gorkha,s. Nature Watch : Bird watchers have a treat in store at the Simbalwara Wildlife sanctuary, 12 kms off NH72,towars Ponta sahib.Get here early morning with Binocoulars in hand. is one of the biggest wildlife sanctuary in Himachal for bird watching in Simbalwara wild life sanctuary. Around Nahan:
    Saketi Fossil Park (25 Kms)
    Renuka ji (22 Kms)
    Sirmouri Tal(25 Kms)
    Ponta sahib (22 Kms)
    Gurudwara Bhanjani Sahib
    Gurdwara Tirgarh Sahib
    Gurudwara Shergard Sahib
  • Renuka ji is far south Himachal very close to Uttrakhand,102 Kms from ambala & 310 Kms from delhi.Renuka ji worshipped at this important hindu pilgrim centre,visited by pilgrims from all across the Himalayas states of Himachal and uttrakhand.Apart from prayer,renuka ji offers unparalleled peace. Listen to the chirping birds ;feel the gentle breeze from the hills.Renuka ji placed at amidst tricky forested serene hills is set one of the most beautiful mountain lakes in india and the biggest in himachal at a height of 2,132fts.Explore renuka lake first by boat and then take a walk around its periphery. Paddle boats can be hired out side.

    Things to see and Do

    Renuka is a small place with two lakes, a forest coloneey,and a few village nearby.Dadahu is 3 kms away (nearest town).Parshuram tal nearby,the circular tal ,smaller then renuka lake,is very beautiful,with temples and ghats all around and a thik forest at its backdrop.Along the circumfrence of the lake is Renuka wild life senctuary and 8 kms above it,jamu peak,which has a temple dedicated to Rishi Jamadagni.tipAll temples are open from 7am to 7 Pm.

    Renuka Ji Temple
    Parshuram temple
    Dashavatar Temple
    Bathing Ghats
    Jamu Peak
    Renukaji Zoo
    Renuka Ji Wildlife senctury
  • Rajgarh is in sirmour district 76 Kms east of Kalka,102 kms from chandigarh in the shadow of thr choor Chandni peak,in the shivalik hills of far south of Himachal Pradesh,vary close to uttrakhand borber.Rajgarh is famous for his camping sites.you can determine how active you want to be on your rajgath holidays-Relax and laze on hammocks while gazing at the snow on Choor Chandni peak,or expand a lot of energy trekking to the peak,rappelling,rockclimbing or hiking to the villages and orchards around the camp.Make time to visit unique monastery at Kotla panjola,Shirgul devta temple,Bhuira Jam Factory are the top tourist attrections of rajgarh.

    Camping at Rajgarh

    Take along your plant and bird books,and identify the himalayan magpie or woodpecker on your walks in the bird-filled forests.teo perennial streams near the camp are ideal picnic spots. one can learn the art of river crossing. Giripul on giri river is best place for fishing in rajgarh.carry your own gear. There is the opation of full day trek to Churdhar peak.at a height of 11,965 ft,the peak dominates the sirmour landscape and on clear nights is visible from solan and Shmila districts. The camp provides packed meals for hiking trips. Camp Bodhistattva is best place for camping
  • Kasauli is in Solan District at 6400 ft,in the shivalik Hills, overlooking the plains of Punjab,34 Kms from Kalka by road.Kasauli,s very existence has to do with the soothing of fevered brows.the town was developed by British as a convalescence centre for the adjoining cantonment of sabathu.The reason that Kasauli(which owes its name to the flower Kasool flower) has not succumbed to the commercialization that ha quite ruined shimla and other popular hill stations is its building laws.you can stroll through the town,from the lower mall,and around the sanatorium.

    Things to see and Do

    Chirst Church and Cemetery,The chestnut trails,Gilbert,s trail,Baba Balaknath shrine,Kasauli mystery,Sanawar,Kimmugha,Sanawar Mandudhar walk,Moti kona Gate ,Monkey Point Tip Since it is a strategically important point for the Indian Airforce,you must leave your mobile,camera behind. Stay,Alasia,Grand hotel Maurice,R Maiden,Ros common,Kasauli club,Baikunth resort,Kasauli resorts,Timber trail height resort,Anchal hotel,Gain hotel,Bliss,Around Kasauli,Dagshai 19 kms,Barog 27 kms
  • Chail is in solan district,59 kms from south shimla and 337 Kms north to delhi.The royal palace of the princely state of patiala here was built after Maharaja Bhuinder Singh a handsome ladis men,was banned from shimla for life by the british,following charges of his making “Immoral overtures” to an english women.top tourist attractions of chail is Himachal tourism,s stunning places hotel,here honeymoon couples and businessmen hop in for a day or two of princely excitement. Chail is a year round destination.Brave the cold in january to see the beauty of snowed-under chail.so for the rest of the year,one can enjoy the place as the royals left it and revel in the surviving cedar tree cover and wildlife in the countryside.We also organize school tour to Chail.

    Things to see and Do

    Chail essentially offers a laid-back vacation,with a few leisurely walks and some wildlife-spotting thrown in.chail is about walking in paris,with sticks.one can trek to shimla and Kandaght take you along village shortcuts.Famous for best picnic spots near delhi.one can go for Chail wildlife sanctuary which includes wild langur,leopards,Indian brown bear,hogs,deer,goats and wild pheasant. Tip Beware of Monkeys.
    Chail Palace
    Gurudwara Sahib on Pandhawa Hills
    Sidh Baba ka Mandir(4 Kms)
    Kali Ka tibba,Cricket Grounds,Where to stay,Palace Hotel,Himneer hotel,Hotel Chail Inn,Hotel Monaal,Hotel ekant,Hotel Grand sunset,Hotel Lion,Tarika,s Jungle Retreat,Rashi resort,Hotel Oak woodKali Ka tibba,Cricket Grounds,Where to stay,Palace Hotel,Himneer hotel,Hotel Chail Inn,Hotel Monaal,Hotel ekant,Hotel Grand sunset,Hotel Lion,Tarika,s Jungle Retreat,Rashi resort,Hotel Oak wood
  • Arki is in solan district,39 kms west of shimla and 326 kms from delhi.Kalka is last station by rail (73 Kms).Arki is the location capital of the former princely state of Baghal,Arki lies at 4,176 ft in the Shivalik hills in northern solan District, west of the state capital shimla in southern himachal Pradesh.Arki means “sunny place”.its picturesquely located fort-palace ha quitly joined the rank of heritage hotels showcasing india,s kaleidoscopic past. While the fort,s craggy perch helps you relive the period when the Gurkha wars created endless turmoil in the region that now makes up the hill states of himachal and uttrakhand.

    Things to see and Do

    Arki also offers somethings for the active traveler. there are jungle trails and caves to explore.one can go for birdwatching in arki and trekking to ancient shrines in the valley.The chambers and gardens of the fort palaces throw up their own pleasurable surprises by day or under the stars.take your pleasures, as you may,at arki.top tourist attractions of Arki are The Palace Arki
    Old Laxmi narayan temple
    The Fort
    Jakholi Mandir
    Luturu Mahadev Temple
    Bhairon and Durga temples
    Hotel Palace retreat