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Dalhousie A little England - Chamba

Dalhousie is in Chamba District,74 Km North east to Pathankot,382 Kms north west to shimla and 571 Kms north to delhi.Dalhousie is probably the only hill station that did not gain the kind of affection shimla or Darjeeling did from the rest of india.These days British –era houses now converted into hotelsFor most visitors who hop into Dalhousie on a whim,the hill station does not stretch beyond Gandhi chowk.Subhash Chowk and a day trip to Kala top or the waterfalls at Panchpulla.


Dalhousie is established by the british in 850,s as a sanatorium for officers and civil servents,Dalhousie,named after the erstwhile governer Genera of India,begs to be visited on foots.

Thinhs to see and Do

Dalhousie retains much of its British appearance and charcter.This picturesque hill station has lots to offer-stunningly beautiful churches,Victorian country mansions,stunning views of the pir panjal range-it is like a rendezvous with nature itself.

# For whom the bell tolls:-Dalhousie,s oldest is dedicated to st Jhon and located at Gandhi Chowk.
# To the woods:- Kala,top a hilltop dedicated to lord Shiva.
# A raja,s Hunting Lodge:-2.5 Kms from Gandhi chowk the residence of erstwhile chamba ruler.
# The waterfall walk:- 1 kms downhill from Gandhi chowk
# Chamera Dam:- 8 Kms fro banikhet,a busting village of British era.
# Khajjiar : 23 kmsfro Dalhousie at hight of 6,430 ft . with a british golf cource and opened picnic spot. Wrestle a Wall

Chamba Remains of the Day.

Chamba is located at 3,268 ft between the Dhauladhars to the south and the pir panjal to the North,overlooking the valey of the Ravi,49 Kms northeast of Dalhousie in north west of Himachal.123 kms from pathankot and 379 km of shimla.The small yet powerful kingdom of chamba,bounded by Dhauladhar and pir panjal ranges and fed by the grat river rvi was a mighty Himalayan kingdom till the British empire brought it under the colonial administration of undivided Punjab.Squished between J&k to its north-west,Lahaul to its north-east and Gurdaspur to its south.Most of tourist crossing its sprawling central jammu,Dalhousie,Khajjiar or Mani Mahesh yatra.right up to banikhet,where damming of the Ravi,known in ancient times as itavati,has alered the topography of the region to include a large water reservoir. Minjar mela of chamba is vary famous. Mani Mahesh yatra Pilgrimage to Shiva,s Adobe

Another important fair is the Mani Mahesh Fair,in which a 35-km yatra is undertaken from Bharmour to the Mani Mahesh Peak(18,000 ft above sea level.During July-August However,this amall,misty,rain-drenched town bustles with divine purpose as nearly one lac pilgrims undertake the pilgrimage to the sacred Mani Mahesh lake.Pilgrim take a dip in lake,then pray to chaumukha,a marble Shivaling,before proceeding on three parikramas of the lake.Pilgrims feel blessed if clear weather permits darshan.
The Route: The three day mani Mahesh yatra involves trekking from Bharmour to Hadsar(17 Kms)
Day 1:-At the confluence of the Budhil nd Dhancho nallahs lies the hamlet of Hasdar.where bones of the dead were immersed in days gone by.the camping ground is on the left side of river.overnight stay.

Day2:- Yatris begain the climb up stonesteps to the local shiva temple.The trail ascends and then desends through thick forests to reach Dhancho(4 Kms), a lush pasture with a beautiful waterfall.

Day3:Yatri trek 6 kms to manimahesh lake,and return the same day.the path is hewn off the slope and neanders above the glacier for an hour.

One can also book the helicopter services in Mani Mahesh.Mani Mahesh yatra by helicopter take 2 days.

Getting Mani Mahesh
Nearest railhead is Pathankot,then chamba to Bharmour.

Distances from Chamba

Places to visit Km Places to visit Km
Akhand Chandi Palace 01 Bhuri Singh Museum 0
Bharmour 65 Champavati temple 0
Chamunda Devi Temple 03 Chaugan 45
Dalhousie 145 Hari Rai Temple 05
Kilar (Pangi Valley HQ) 03 Laxmi Narayan Temple 01
Manimahesh Lake 01 Rang Mahal 02
Saho 02 Sui Mata Temple 01
Vajreshwari temple 41 Chhatrari

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