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Hadimba Temple

Hadimba Temple is the oldest temple of manali. Dhungiri temple is the other name of hadimba temple.Its a four floor woddeen temple in Manali . This temple was made by king of kullu in 1554 and is dedicated to Hadimba(Rakshashi).


Location : Himachal Pradesh .
Altitude : 800m. Discovered In : 920 A.D Attractions : Shivratri Festival .
Best Time To Visit : May to October.



Hadimba, a 'Rakshashi' in the Mahabharat has been deified and is worshipped in this area. According to Mahabharat 'Hadimb Rakshash' ruled some of the sub-mountainous tracts of the Himalayas. Hidimba was his sister.

During wondering in Himalayas forest Pandavas, with their mother, after escaping from the wax house they came to the territory of Hadimb Rakshash near kullu. Bhima merried hadimba after after killing the brother. They lived in kullu valley for about a year after Bhima returen back to his brothers and mother. 'Ghototkachh' born from hadimba. Till Ghototkachh was a minor, Hadimba looked after her country. Hadimba went to the Himalayas hills, for meditation Dhungri was the place near Manali where Hadimba had resorted for meditation. Hadimba had supernatural powers and she was vary kind to her people.. The Tilak ceremony of every Raja of Kulu has to take permission of goddess hadimba and then buffalo got sacrificed.

Dussehra festival of Kulu valley is vary famous . The festival is held at Dhalpur Maidan and as mentioned the idol of Raghunathji is taken there. goddess Hadimba blesses the ceremonial horse from his temple. This ceremony is called as 'Ghor Pooja'.
The pagoda type wooden temple of the goddess at Dhungri is according to Hira Nand Shastri, the antiquarian about 500 years old. No idol is enshrined and only a foot-print on a stone is kept within.
Raja Bahadur Singh king of kullu who built this temple 500 years ago in pagoda only a footprints kept on stone in temple.

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