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Churdhar Sanctuary

Churdhar peak, with height of 3647 metres is the highestpeak in outer Himalayas.It is like a Oasis of Alpine area in a ocean of temperate forests.This is an excellent area for trekking during summer and early winters. The view from Churdhar peak is un-paralled. One is sure to come across a large number of multicoloured and agile Monals in the adjoining forests. Trekking from Nohra, Sarain and Pulbahal is tough but enjoyable. There are Rest Houses at Nohra, Choras and Sarain. There is also a Sarai and a Shiv Temple at Churdhar.

Speciality: Pika and Asiatic black bear.

The area is comprised of the sacred Renuka Lake, Renuka Reserve Forest, an aviary, the Lion Safari and Renukaji Mini Zoo, which is the oldest Zoo in the state. Renuka wildlife sanctuary, despite its small size, has a lot to offer the wildlife enthusiasts.

Churdhar is a Holy Place of Lord Shirgul Maharaj, Mahasu Devta (Chureshwar Maharaj). It is highly recommended that you leave time for this holy place as its tranquility will refresh your mind and soul and will keep you going even when you leave Himachal Pradesh.

Although for those who are very fit this trek can be finished in one day for the nature lover in all of us we suggest a more leisurely trail taking in the animals in the park including the famous musk deer that roam freely while saving yourself from the Langur, Black bear and Leopard.

       History : The Churdhar Sanctuary was registered as a wildlife reserve in 1985 on November 15. Counted among the newest sanctuaries in Himachal Pradesh, it is mainly known for its beauty and richness in flora and fauna. Whether it is adventure activities, sightseeing or relaxing, it always meets the expectations of visitors.

       Geography :The sanctuary encompasses an area of 66 square kilometres. It overall altitude varies between 2000 to 3647 m above sea level. The Churdhar Peak is a highest point in the area at 3647m above sea level. It is also the highest peak of the outer Himalayas. Tourists are constantly impressed by the sheer beauty of nature and abundance of wildlife in the area.

       Flora at Renuka Sanctuary:The trees that can be seen in the Churdhar Sanctuary include deodar and oak trees. There are also several medicinal plants and herbs available such as Aloe Vera, Amaranthus spinosus and Wild Himalayan Cherry.

       Fauna At Renuka Sanctuary :There are several species of birds that can be seen in this Sanctuary. Some of these birds include Himalayan monal, red junglefowl, Indian peafowl, multi-coloured laughing thrush and the koklass pheasant.

       Trekking :Trekking is one of the most preferable activities in the Churdhar Sanctuary. During summer and autumn season, trekkers can spot several native plants and birds. Some of the best treks include trails from Nohra, Pulbahal and Sarain. These treks are advisable for experts and are quite pleasurable.

How To Get There

The Churdhar Sanctuary is well-connected to other parts of Himachal Pradesh.

Air: The closest airport is Jubbarhatti airport about 23Km from Shimla.

Rail : The nearest railway station is Shimla. It is connected to Kalka by a narrow gauge line.

Road : Adventure lovers can trek to the sanctuary from Nohra, Pulbahal, Sarain and Rajgarh. The closest town is Chaupal.

Where To Stay

Accommodation facilities are available close to the Renuka Lake from where tourists can enjoy beautiful views. There are rest houses available at Dadahu from where visitors can get easy transportation or trek to the park. Nahan also offers good luxury and budget hotels.

Best Time To Visit

Summer :

Summer months are preferable for visiting the sanctuary. The weather is ideal for enjoying trekking and spotting wildlife.

Monsoon :

he area receives a lot of rainfall which is why, is not advisable for visiting.

Winter :

The autumn months offer visitors with broad opportunities of enjoyment. It is also the time when flowers bloom and wildlife can be spotted in this area.

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